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Plaza Premium Group expecting busy Chinese New Year

Plaza Premium Group (PPG) is anticipating a major travel surge during the Lunar New Year festive period, as families travel to reunite for the Spring Festival.

To bring luck to travellers in the Year of the Tiger, the Group is presenting Lunar New Year offers across Plaza Premium Lounges, Aerotels and the Smart Traveller loyalty programme.

PPG has already seen an uptick in travellers over the last few weeks, especially in its Asia locations, most notably Mainland China, Taiwan, Macau, Malaysia and Singapore where Lunar New Year is widely celebrated and people are travelling in order to be with their families, including members living overseas.

From December 2021 to now, visitor figures to Plaza Premium Lounge in Qingdao, Macau, Taiwan, Malaysia and Singapore have increased up to three times on November 2021.

With Singapore being a key international transit hub as well as home to expats from China and Malaysia, Plaza Premium Lounge Singapore and Aerotel Singapore recorded a surge in up to 10% more travellers from Mainland China and 15% more travellers from Malaysia since December 2021 through to now.

It says that the numbers already demonstrate a significant increase in travel in the region, especially when compared to October and November 2021.

And it is confident this trend will continue over the coming weeks ahead of Lunar New Year which falls on February 1-3, 2022, and will be further accelerated by the Beijing Winter Olympics which begin on February 4 2022.

Land travel via high-speed railway in mainland China is also anticipated to spike in the coming weeks. Plaza Premium Group forecasts that demand for its high-speed railway lounges in Changsha, Guangzhou and Shenzhen will increase by at least 100%, as people travel across the country for both Lunar New Year and the Winter Olympics which will run until 20 February 2022.
During the Lunar New Year period, visitors to Plaza Premium Lounges in Australia, Canada, China, Hong Kong, Macau, Malaysia, Singapore and Taiwan will be greeted with a display of traditional and ‘auspicious’ decorations.

Guests can indulge in customary Lunar New Year goodies such as lin go (Lunar New Year sticky rice cake), and help themselves to the traditional candy box filled with special candies and snacks. In Singapore, lounge guests can even enjoy a special Lunar New Year-themed cocktail while they relax in preparation for their flight.

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