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Hokkaido Love! campaign launched to boost tourism to Japanese island


New Chitose Airport operator, Hokkaido Airports Co Ltd (HAP) has launched a social media marketing campaign in a bid to re-boot tourism to the Japanese island.

Launched in conjunction with the Hokkaido government and the Hokkaido Tourism Organization, its HOKKAIDO LOVE! initiative is designed to encourage tourists to return to Japan’s northern most island, which is starting to recover from the impact of COVID-19.

HAP notes that the campaign will “support the tourism industry throughout Hokkaido and revitalise tourism demand” through the use of social media channels highlighting the region’s attractions.

According to HAP, The HOKKAIDO LOVE! social media campaign brings together photos and videos from users, capturing memories that show why they love Hokkaido.

It states: “By using the hashtag #hokkaidolove users can have their posts published on the HOKKAIDO LOVE! website. The campaign is aimed at everyone who loves Hokkaido, including those who have visited in the past and those who have been unable to travel due to the impact of COVID-19.”

Moving forward, HAP plans to collaborate with other tourism-related businesses throughout Hokkaido for the HOKKAIDO LOVE! project as it implements initiatives to revitalise the island’s tourism sector.

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