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Asia-Pacific Airports reports on the latest industry and World Business Partner news from across the region’s airports.


Dubai International Airport (DXB) has become the latest gateway to introduce Automated Border Control SmartGate technology, which it is confident will offer passengers a state-of-the art border control experience and enhance the immigration security process.

Designed by Vision-Box and partner Emaratech, the ground-breaking project includes the development, delivery and maintenance of a new generation of multimodal biometric passenger flow solution, comprising 122 SmartGates, deployed across all three terminals at DXB.

The SmartGates – commissioned by the General Directorate of Residency and Foreigners Affairs (GDRFA) – provide a speedy self-service transaction by way of multi-biometric verification, sustained by passport, Emirates ID and SmartGate cards authentication.

Brigadier General Talal Al Shanqiti, assistant director General for Ports Affairs at the GDRFA in Dubai, says: “The installation of the new smart gates in the Terminal 1 arrivals area is part of an integrated development project to provide passengers with facilities and services that make their travel through Dubai International quick and easy.

“Passport control is a critical process as part of which maintaining a high level of security is our top priority. This new system helps us strike a balance between achieving that objective while also ensuring a better experience for the passengers through speed and efficiency.”

Vision-Box claims that the new SmartGates exhibit a “stunning, exclusive design, remarkable ergonomics and attention to detail, perfectly fitting and adding on to the airport’s carefully thought interiors”.

CEO, Miguel Leitmann, adds: “The project is a perfect combination between a robust border control strategy and orientation to service excellence. It brings together state-of-the-art border security technology, the most modern human-machine interaction and a magnificent design.

“We are happy to provide such a top-notch experience for passengers travelling through Dubai and to be trusted by GDRFA and Emaratech for this cutting-edge project.”

The Emirate’s other gateway, Dubai World Central–Al Maktoum International Airport, will get its own SmartGates in the near future.


Vanderlande wins BHS contract for Taoyuan’s new Terminal 3

Taoyuan International Airport Corporation has awarded Vanderlande a contract to supply a state-of-the-art baggage handling system (BHS) at its new terminal.

Taiwan Taoyuan International Airport’s new Terminal 3, scheduled for completion in 2020, will ensure that it is equipped to meet rapidly rising demand for the foreseeable future.

For this project, Vanderlande has formed a consortium with its local partner Kenmec to deliver a BHS capable of accommodating up to 19,200 bags per hour.

At the current time, TTIA’s two existing terminals (T1 and T2), are operated individually without a connection between the two systems. However, upon completion of T3, all three terminals will be connected with Vanderlande’s automated individual carrier system (ICS) – TUBTRAX.

This, says Vanderlande, will result in a significant improvement to TTIA’s operational efficiency and tracking accuracy, as well as enhancing the experience for passengers.

Vanderlande’s solution in T3 will comprise 206 check-in counters distributed over six islands. Baggage will be transferred from the check-in area via the transport conveyors connected to four tilt tray sorters located at the main baggage hall.

Bags will then pass through security screening before transfer to either the designated make-up carousels, EBS (early bag store) area, or other terminals via TUBTRAX.

“We are delighted to be awarded the TTIA T3 project,” says Vanderlande’s executive vice president for airports and Board member, Andrew Manship.

”This project will be an important step in developing Vanderlande’s ICS capabilities in the Asia-Pacific region, and we look forward to delivering this project successfully.”

TTIA is expecting to handle 60 million passengers by 2030.



Location: Hong Kong, China

Contact: Andrew Ford, president

E: andrew.ford@paccaya.com

W: www.paccaya.com

Paccaya Resources Ltd is a Hong Kong based company, specialising in advisory services for companies associated with the travel sector and, in particular, as it pertains to generating commercial value from tourism and airport concessions. For airports, the Paccaya team specialises in analysing the commercial revenue generated from airport concessions (general and duty-free retail, F&B, advertising, currency exchange, etc), comparing the results to international benchmarks (peer group airports), and advising on short and long-term improvements and planning.

Additional areas of expertise include concession planning, alternative models of duty free management, tender planning and promotion, assessing potential bidders. 


Location: Tokyo, Japan

Contact: Kouji Samejima, director of General Administration Department

E: headoffice@suzuoka.co.jp

W: www.suzuoka.co.jp

Suzuoka, an airport signs specialist has provided design, manufacturing, installation, and repairing of visual guidance equipment and displays to over 60 airports both in Japan and abroad since 1960. The policy of the company is to handle the visual guidance as an integral part of the total airport system, working together with other equipment and facilities in the airport.


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