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Full page Width x Height (mm)
Text area 175 x 256
Trim size 195 x 276
Bleed size 201 x 282

Double page spread Width x Height (mm)
Text area 360 x 256
Trim size 380 x 276
Bleed size 396 x 282

N.B. You should allow for the fold in the magazine

Half page (vertical) Width x Height (mm)
Advert size 82 x 256 (no bleed)

Half page (horizontal) Width x Height (mm)
Advert size 175 x 125 (no bleed)

Quarter page (vertical only) Width x Height (mm)
Advert size 82 x 125 (no bleed)


Software Adobe InDesign, Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Illustrator
File Formats eps, tiff, jpg, high resolution PDFs with crops and bleed Resolution 300dpi minimum

Please ensure that all supporting graphics and fonts are included. All fonts should be outlined wherever possible.


Please provide both website and newsletter sized banners, for all online advertisements.


Full banner Width x Height (pixels)
415 x 115

Square banner Width x Height (pixels)
400 x 300

We do not accept Flash files for online banners, the banners for the website should be in jpg or gif format – if they are an animated gif, the animation should last no longer than 10 seconds or it will be chopped off by the script.

The banner itself should be 72dpi.

When you send the banner you should also provide us with a url (web address) for the banner to link to.

We do not accept Flash files for online banners.


Full banner
Width x Height (pixels) 600 x 77

For banners on eflyers not all email programmes can display rotating banners so your key message should be on the initial image.

Please ensure that you supply the url or email address you would like your advert linked to for the online edition.