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Operational efficiency levels reach new heights at Abu Dhabi’s Terminal A


TK Elevator provided 106 boarding bridges for the new state-of-the-art Terminal A at Abu Dhabi’s newly renamed Zayed International Airport (AUH).

The company also provided the terminal with Advanced Visual Docking Guidance Systems (A-VDGS) and an MAX Monitor and Control system, which features a combination of live airport visualisation with real-time information and control.

Covering a floor area of 742,000sqm, Terminal A is one of the largest airport terminals in the world and has raised AUH’s capacity to in excess of 45 million passengers per annum.

Ignacio Medina, TK Airport Solution Spain’s general manager, said: “Our solutions contribute significantly to the airport’s operational efficiency and, at the same time, improve the passengers’ experience.

“With our MAX Monitor & Control system, we maximise operational efficiency through real-time intelligence and higher equipment availability. We’re pleased that we could provide reliable products and services to one of the most modern airports in the world.”

TK Elevator has already been the supplier of choice for the other terminals of the prestigious Zayed International Airport. Indeed, there are more than 250 TK Elevator mobility solutions installed, including 130 PBBs and 150 A-VDGS, with an additional 20 set to be installed in the coming months.

According to TK Elevator, the A-VDGS amplify the airport’s safety by guiding pilots by means of visual signals from the taxiway to the stop position on the airport apron, while the PBBs ensure a comfortable passenger experience.

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