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Malaysia getting ready for return of international passengers


Malaysia Airports (MAHB) has revealed that its international airports are “getting ready to receive the influx of international passengers into the country” once its borders reopen on April 1, 2022.

It notes that it has been continuously working with the Malaysian authorities, including the Ministry of Health (MOH), to improve the process flow at its airports, especially in terms of the arrival process.

MAHB’s managing director, Dato’ Iskandar Mizal Mahmood, said: “The efficiency of safety protocols at the airport is a key focus area because it plays a major role in ensuring a pleasant passenger processing experience.

“Most passengers would not have travelled by air since the pandemic started, and therefore may be unfamiliar with the additional steps now required at the airport.

“We need to ensure that they have a good impression of Malaysia the moment they step foot on our soil and this first impression will be formed at the airport.

“The availability of the COVID Protocol portal launched by the Health Minister will be a great help in facilitating the arrival process as passengers can now get updated information from one single source.

“We are looking forward to seeing good growth in our international passenger and aircraft traffic movements as this would contribute significantly to the group’s and airport community’s business performance.

“Among others, inbound tourism will also be rejuvenated and the spillover effect throughout the entire value chain will benefit Malaysia’s economy positively.”

Among steps taken by MAHB to ensure airport readiness include deploying more customer experience staff on the ground, as well as installing more signs and seats across the terminals for better passenger convenience and comfort.

Additionally, more than 22,000 members of the airport community have been fully vaccinated.

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