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Goodies to go under the hammer at Brisbane Airport’s Lost Property Auction


Brisbane Airport’s Lost Property Auction is back with a record number of items, allowing the public to grab a bargain just before Christmas.

A total of 673 lots are on offer this year, with online bidding closing progressively on Sunday, December 17, from 10am.

Around 60,000 people per day pass through the Domestic and International terminals each day, with passengers leaving behind many weird, wonderful, and valuable items.

This year they include a Dyson vacuum cleaner still in its box, a BMX bike, surfboards; a drone, Star Wars memorabilia, hair trimmers, jewellery, hockey sticks, guitars, a mandolin and dozens and dozens of laptops, ipads and phones.

While all efforts are made to reunite owners with their belongings, unfortunately approximately two-thirds of these items remain unclaimed after the standard holding period.

Rather than these valuables going into landfill, they go to auction with the proceeds benefitting young Queenslanders through the Courier-Mail Children’s Fund.

Last year’s auction raised A$66,000 with the funds this week distributed to Zephyr Education, Speld and Traction.

There are no reserves on any items, so everything must go with the auction run by Lloyds Auctioneers and Valuers.

“Each year this auction gets bigger and bigger as more passengers travel through the terminal. Some of the items left behind in the terminal are simply because passengers have exceeded their baggage limit and choose to leave them,” said the airport’s head of public affairs, Stephen Beckett.

“We’re hoping to raise as much as we can because the proceeds are going to support Queensland Children’s charities to help kids who are vulnerable and suffering disadvantage so we’re hoping people get right behind the Brisbane Airport Lost Property auction.”

“Grab yourself a bargain. Know that we’re not throwing this stuff out, it’s not going to landfill, but the money is making a difference in the lives of Queensland children.”

To boost the fundraising effort, Brisbane Airport has also added some special items, including a money-can’t-buy behind the scenes tour of the airport, as well as a one year of parking at the Domestic Terminal.

“We’ve got some aviation signage from our runway which aviation enthusiasts absolutely love,” added Beckett. “We’ve got a year’s worth of airport parking at the Domestic Terminal, so if you’re a regular traveller for work or leisure, your own car space would be very handy.”

The online auction will end on Sunday, December 17, with lots progressively closed off from 10am and continuing throughout the day.

To take a look at what’s on offer and make a bid, visit bne.com.au/auction 

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