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Travellers are looking to technology to optimise every aspect of the post-pandemic travel landscape, from addressing pain points in the airport journey and supporting air transport sustainability to streamlining intermodal travel, according to SITA’s 2023 Passenger IT Insights report.

Sustainability is identified as an area area where passengers strongly believe that technology has the potential to make a difference.

Indeed, the use of new technologies supporting sustainability emerged as the number one initiative passengers would value most for both airlines (for 64% of passengers) and airports (62%).

SITA says: “This has jumped considerably from about half of passengers in 2022, sending a clear message to the industry that innovative approaches to achieving concrete emissions reductions are front of mind.

“Such technologies include flight path optimisation to reduce fuel burn on the airline front, and tools that monitor data on environmental performance to reduce emissions at the airport.”

One third of passengers are said to have expressed interest in being able to drop their bags at their journey start point (either from their home or hotel or from the first terminal of departure) and have them arrive at their end destination, and nearly one third would like to see travel operators when disruptions occur and respond with necessary changes.

SITA CEO, David Lavorel, says: “When planning travel, cost is just one of the factors affecting travellers’ willingness to book flights. Experience at the airport has become fundamental to passengers’ decision making, and travellers are telling the industry loud and clear: the more they are subjected to clunky and inefficient processes, the more likely they are to consider other options.

“Passengers are pointing to a clear way forward for the industry: now more than ever they recognise smart technologies as key to streamlining travel while reducing its environmental impacts, both for air travel alone and for the broader intermodal ecosystem.”



Location: United States

Type of business: Consulting & Management

W: www.airportengr.com

Founded by engineering professionals with over 20 years’ experience in the airport consultancy industry, AES has lead and supported the development, expansion, ORAT and operations of major international airports both within the US and across the globe. Employing talents and capacities of globally recognised aviation experts.


Location: Australia

Type of business: Consulting & Management

W: www.exergenics.com

Exergenics’ pinpoints optimal control setpoints that enhance the energy efficiency of Chilled Water Plants, the systems that maintain comfort conditions within the built environment. Our no hardware, cloud-based solution enables cost-effective implementation at scale, without disrupting existing infrastructure or operations, resulting in significant savings within industry-leading payback periods.


Location: Singapore

Type of business: Security

W: www.rapiscansystems.com

Rapiscan Systems is a leading global provider of security inspection solutions, with more than 100,000 products installed in over 170 countries. Rapiscan Systems has an extensive portfolio of Baggage and Parcel Inspection, Cargo and Vehicle Inspection, Hold Baggage Screening, People Screening, Trace Detection, Radiation Detection, Tray Return System and enhanced security solutions, which are supported by a global service network.

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