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Emirates makes it easier for international passengers to use DXB


In collaboration with the General Directorate of Residency and Foreigners Affairs in Dubai (GDRFA), Emirates airline is now offering international travellers the opportunity to speed up their airport experience by consenting to the use of biometric data.

The first agreement of its kind globally, the strategic partnership between GDRFA and Emirates is a co-operative effort to further improve the innovative and digitally focused travel experience of Dubai visitors.

It is hoped that the agreement will improve passenger traffic procedures inside Terminal 3 at Dubai International Airport (DXB) and ensure a faster and more efficient airport experience for travellers transferring to connecting flights, as well as those who arrive in Dubai as their final destination.

GDRFA director general, His Excellency Lieutenant-General Mohammed Al-Marri, said: “Dubai is one of the world’s most aspirational destinations, and 2022 has already seen more than eight million tourists arrive to the city.

“We continue to support our key partners with best-in-class services as we strive for excellence, and innovation in positioning Dubai as the world’s leading business hub and tourism destination.”

According to the airline, by using biometric recognition technologies and the GDRFA pre-populated biometric database to identify travellers at multiple points in the airport, “travellers will be able to breeze through Dubai International Airport Terminal 3 Check-In, Lounges, Boarding and Immigration at high-speed as the AI systems recognise their unique facial features and will link to their passport for instant identity verification”.

A privilege previously only enjoyed by UAE residents and GCC nationals, international passengers will be able to avail of the service in 2023 by providing official consent in a couple of clicks through the Emirates app, at Emirates self check-in kiosks, or in person at Emirates check-in desks.

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