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Revamping the retail offerings in Beijing Capital’s Terminal 3

Beijing Capital International Airport has appointed a UK based airport design consultancy to help it redevelop and expand the commercial planning and design of the international departure lounge in Terminal 3.

The airport wants the revamp to create a radically new retail experience for the 10 million passengers that pass through it each year, in turn raising its commercial revenues and user satisfaction levels.

According to The Design Solution, the project will integrate a unique interior design with innovative technology building on the current two ‘historic’ gardens and fountain while creating a distinct Sense of Place through sharing the culture and spirit of China, old and new.

Beijing Capital’s assistant manager of market development, Lui Li, said: “It is crucial that we continue to innovate and provide our passengers with a premium quality airport experience, as demonstrated by our recent repeated success in the ACI ASQ awards.

“This extensive re-configuration and re-design expresses our commitment to the passenger and our retail partners, China Duty Free Group.”

Robbie Gill, managing director of The Design Solution, noted: “The commercial areas were originally planned nearly 20 years ago and, in that time, the world of airport retailing has moved forward dramatically. We will be creating a new powerful vision and transform the space to maintain BCIA’s pioneering position among the world’s leading airport experiences.”

Lagardère Travel Retail re-opens outlets in Australia and New Zealand

Lagardère Travel Retail Pacific has begun to re-open some of its stores across the region, starting with a handful of outlets in the domestic terminals at Auckland, Brisbane, Christchurch, Perth and Melbourne.

According to the travel retailer, the small selection of stores will be used as test cases with restricted trading hours, with learnings gathered to be applied to further recovery efforts once passenger numbers increase to more sustainable levels.

To ensure the safety of all customers and staff, the stores have strict hygiene and safety measures in place, including the use of protective equipment, personal hygiene protocols, thorough and regular disinfection of all facilities and social-distancing measures.

Przemek Lesniak, CEO of Lagardère Travel Retail Pacific, said: “To reopen even a handful of our stores in Australia and New Zealand is a big moment. It will take time, but we are continuing to think positively about the future and hope to see passenger numbers continue to increase to allow more stores to reopen soon.”

Runway upgrade for Hyderabad’s gateway to the world

Hyderabad’s Rajiv Gandhi International Airport has engaged ADB SAFEGATE to upgrade its primary runway from CAT-I to CAT-II and the secondary runway from simple approach to CAT-I.

A major part of the project entails modification of the airport’s airfield ground lighting (AGL) system that predominantly comprises halogen lights to Reliance Red intelligent lights.

As part of the runway enhancement package, ADB SAFEGATE will upgrade the airport’s runways and associated Airfield Lighting Control and Monitoring System (ALCMS) and Individual Lamp Control and Monitoring System (ILCMS).

The project also includes scope for comprehensive maintenance of the AGL system for the next 10 years.

GMR’s executive director – south and chief innovation officer, SGK Kishore, says: “When it came to upgrading our AGL systems, we chose ADB SAFEGATE based on the strength of their offerings and the long partnership we have had with them since the inception of our airport over a decade ago.”

Pioneering new touchless technology

Courtesy of Elenium Automation, Avalon Airport became the first gateway in Australia to introduce touchless, self-service check-in technology in May.

The airport – located between the cities of Melbourne and Geelong – believes that the pioneering initiative will ensure world-class safety and a top experience for passengers.

Instead of touching screens, passengers at Avalon Airport will control their interaction with the kiosks and bag drops via head movement. Cameras in kiosks and bag drops will link the movement of the passenger’s head with the movement of a cursor on the screen.

In addition, passports can be read by holding them open in front of a camera, rather than by inserting them into a passport slot.

Elenium Automation CEO and co-founder, Aaron Hornlimann, says: “While this is very difficult time for the aviation industry, we have an opportunity to make the changes for passenger safety and wellbeing that will increase their confidence.

“We are very excited that Avalon is working with us to ensure the airport is in a great position to rebound from this crisis by giving their passengers and team a streamlined, safe airport experience.

“We believe the introduction of touchless self-service will encourage people to return to travel.”



Location: Singapore
Type of Business: Planning & Construction
W: www.lead-8.com

Lead8 is a multi-disciplinary architecture and design studio with a reputation for fusing creative thinking with award-winning experience. Its talented team of ‘leaders’ are said to be curious, engaged and passionate about every aspect of design, from large-scale city master planning, airport planning and design, architecture, interior design, repositioning and renovations, environmental graphics, wayfinding, signage design and branding.


Location: Germany
Type of Business: IT & Communications
W: www.harris-orthogon.com

Harris Orthogon GmbH is a leading provider of Air Traffic Synchronisation solutions, Demand Capacity Balancing tools and decision support systems for Air Navigation Service Providers (ANSPs) and airports. The company has been pioneering new ways of increasing and optimising capacity in the air traffic domain. An ISO 9001:2015 certified company, Harris Orthogon is a subsidiary of L3Harris Technologies.


Location: Australia
Type of Business: Consulting & Management
W: www.to70.com.au

To70 delivers high-quality consulting and research services to the global aviation community. Since its inception in 2000, To70 has built a reputation on integrity, drive, knowledge and innovation. It specialises in airport strategic planning; aviation policy; aviation and the environment; air traffic management; aviation safety; aviation communication; and route development.

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