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ACI APA 2020, ISSUE 01


Issue theme: Sustainable development

Airport Report: GMR Airports Limited

Special report: Meet the new director general

Plus: Digital apron & Industry news

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View from the top

New ACI Asia-Pacific director general, Stefano Baronci, reflects on an eventful start to 2020, planning ahead, leadership changes at ACI and the impact of the coronavirus.

Regional news

A snapshot of some of the biggest news stories from across the region.

ACI Asia-Pacific news

The latest news from communications manager, Samantha Solomon, includes an update on  ACI Asia-Pacific’s advocacy efforts, new dates for postponed events  and a growing list of World  Business Partners.

Global ambitions

Asia-Pacific Airports (APA) turns the spotlight on the GMR Group and its airport assets in India and across  the planet.

Up close and personal 

Get to know ACI Asia-Pacific’s new director general, Stefano Baronci, a little better in this Q&A with APA editor, Joe Bates.

Leading the way

Across Asia-Pacific, airports are responding to increased passenger numbers and environmental pressures with innovative, efficient and sustainable terminal designs, writes David Coyne, head of aviation at design firm Benoy.

Flood warning!

Vivek Sindhamani and Peter Vorage discuss the growing threat of flooding to airports and how some of the region’s major hubs are planning ahead to increase their resilience to rising water levels.

Neighbourhood watch

Airports across the world are actively working to reduce their noise footprint and engaging with their communities to create environmental capacity, writes Envirosuite’s senior aviation specialist, Matt Mills-Brooks.

Aviation’s challenge

Leonie Dobbie, aviation consultancy company WSP’s strategic aviation advisor, considers the benefits of embedding sustainability action into airport decision-making.

Time to go digital?

ADB SAFEGATE’S Niclas Svedberg argues that adopting a digital apron will help airports reduce delays and cope with rising traffic demand.

Industry news

News, views and reviews from ACI’s regional and global World Business Partners.

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