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ACI APA 2017, ISSUE 04


Focus on: Airport Security

Airport report: Oman’s airport system

Special report: Asia-Pacific’s pilot shortage

Plus: IT trends & Global Sustainable Aviation Summit

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View from the top

Regional director, Patti Chau, reflects on the launch of ACI’s Airport Excellence (APEX) in Security programme and the need for airports to continually grow and adapt the way they do business to meet changing passenger demands.


A snapshot of some of the biggest stories from across the region.

Bigger and better

Oman Airports Management Company (OAMC) CEO, Sheikh Aimen Al Hosni, talks to Joe Bates about the growth and development of the country’s airport system.

ACI news

Vivian Fung rounds up the latest news from across the region and highlights a few global initiatives.

Seeking security

As airports search for ways to make the travel experience safer and more convenient, biometrics may just be the answer, writes Tony Chapman.

A combined effort

ACI World’s head of security, Nina Brooks, considers the importance of creating a strong security culture.

Combatting cyber crime

Andy Wall, technical director of cyber security at Atkins, outlines five steps he believes airports can take to create safe and secure cyber environments.

Cockpit challenge

Alpha Aviation Group’s Bhanu Choudhrie explains why the industry must act now to prevent the future shortage of pilots across the Asia-Pacific region.

Ambitions, goals and challenges

Joe Bates reports on some of the highlights and lessons learned from October’s Global Sustainable Aviation Summit in Geneva.

Investing in technology

Airports and airlines will spend nearly $33 billion on IT this year as they bid to enhance their operations and put passengers more in control of their journeys.

Industry news

Asia-Pacific Airports reports on the latest World Business Partner news from across the region.

Bring me sunshine

Joe Bates finds out more about Brisbane Airport’s plans to build Australia’s largest rooftop solar power system.

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