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The latest news from ACI’s Asia-Pacific and global World Business Partners.


Alstef Group has been awarded the contract to install the baggage handling system for the new international terminal at Almaty International Airport in Kazakhstan.

Situated on the ancient trade route known as the ‘Silk Road’, the airport is owned and operated by TAV Airports who will invest $200 million to develop it into one of the biggest hubs in Central Asia – doubling its current capacity.

The new baggage handling system will be capable of accommodating up to 2,400 bags per hour with the outbound baggage system consisting of 40 check-in conveyors and a screening and sortation system feeding four make-up carousels. The inbound system consists of three large reclaim carousels. The airport is scheduled to open in 2022 with expansion plans to grow the capacity according to demand.

Alstef Group notes that it has worked with TAV Airports ever since installing a baggage handling system in Turkey’s former hub at Istanbul Atatürk Airport in the 1990s.

“This project represents an exciting new step for the Alstef Group as we expand into Central Asia, working with a key partner to deliver a strategically located transport hub that will serve as a bridge between Asia and Europe,” said Philippe Hamon, Alstef Group’s sales director for airport solutions. 

TAV Airports’ procurement manager, Emin Sonmez, said: “We chose Alstef Group because they had the most co-operative and technically qualified bid during the tender.

“Their bid fulfilled the entire requirements of the project, and they took time to understand the scope of work, and to develop the existing design to make the system more practical and economical.”

As part of the largest airport management group globally, TAV Airports plans to promote Almaty and Kazakhstan as the business capital of the region. Kazakhstan leads Central Asia in economic growth and generates roughly 60% of the region’s GDP and, as a country with a rich cultural heritage and diverse tourism opportunities, TAV Airports plan to increase the connectivity of Almaty to the world. 


Foreign exchange company Travelex has announced plans to expand its portfolio of stores across the Middle East. 

Having opened two new stores in Qatar’s Hamad International Airport earlier this year, Travelex is now working to expand its footprint across Bahrain, Dubai, Sharjah and Abu Dhabi airports over the coming months. 

The expansion comes as major regional events, including the UAE Expo 2020 and 2022 FIFA World Cup, are set to drive international visitors back to the Middle East.

Whilst the majority of new stores will be located at airport locations, in certain markets, such as Qatar, Travelex is also looking to expand its presence in downtown and seaport locations. The company is also working to refine both its store experience and product offering.

In line with changing consumer habits post-COVID, Travelex’s new, redesigned stores will offer a more open, streamlined experience enabling customers to complete transactions more efficiently and with less physical interaction than before.

Customers will also be afforded a wider range of digitally driven products, with Travelex investing in on-the-move mobile kiosks, a larger ATM estate and solutions such as pre-paid travel cards and click-and-collect services. 

“As the retail landscape shifts and international travel starts to return, Travelex is working to innovate, expand and embrace new digital opportunities. Through this regional expansion, we look forward to working with our regional partners to help bring about the next stage of the industry’s sustainable growth,” said Batu Dolay, managing director of Travelex Middle East & Turkey. 


Genetec has launched a new security centre badging solution to help airports of all sizes automate and simplify the often time-consuming process of credentialling and issuing badeges to employees and contractors.

It says that its new Security Center Airport Badging Solution (ABS) reduces the need to work with multiple different systems and simplifies the entire badging process. This, notes Genetec, not only minimises the risk of potential human error that comes with disparate systems and manual processing, but also streamlines the overall badging process by saving time and increasing efficiency.

“Our badging solution provides an industry-first, out-of-the-box, simple solution for these airports to ensure compliance, optimise the badging process, and lower the overheads needed to run a badging department,” explains Joseph Degrassi, Genetec’s regional director for the public sector.

With a design based on standards required by the TSA in the US, Security Center ABS is designed to help airports deliver the required information in the correct format to successfully submit and process each employee application, and consistently meet audit and compliance requirements set by authorities.

All data collected on each badge applicant is compiled and stored within the system, which provides real-time updates of the status of applications.


SITA is to make its Digital Travel Declaration solution – which allows passengers to share required travel and health documentation with governments ahead of travel – available to the world’s governments, free of charge.

It claims that the move is aimed at addressing the global challenge of submitting and verifying health documentation which remains a major impediment to the recovery of the global travel industry.

Recent research from IATA highlighted that of 50 countries surveyed, 38 countries had some form of COVID-19 restriction on who could enter.

David Lavorel, CEO of SITA at Airports and Borders, said: “In many cases, today’s onerous health requirements are discouraging travellers from flying or leading to long lines at airports.

“As an industry-owned organisation working at the crossroads of airlines, airports, and governments, we are able to connect the dots and streamline processes around health documentation.

“Making Digital Travel Declaration freely available to governments will be an investment in the recovery of our industry, and we hope will go some way towards addressing the challenges we all face today.”

For many countries, economic recovery from the COVID-19 pandemic relies heavily on travel and tourism. According to WTTC’s 2020 Economic Impact Report, in 2019 travel and tourism was responsible for one in 10 jobs, making a 10.3% contribution to global GDP and generating one in four of all new jobs.

However, inefficiencies and a lack of common standards around managing health documentation remain the single biggest obstacle to rebuilding the travel and tourism industry and supporting economic growth.

SITA’s Digital Travel Declaration has been operational and used by governments around the world since October 2020, potentially making it easy for travellers to complete health declarations in a few quick steps.

A response is shared as proof of approval to travel, so the passenger can demonstrate to airlines and airports that they have all the correct documentation.



Location: Dubai, UAE
Type of business: Consulting & Management
E: dubai@alg-global.com
W: www.alg-global.com

ALG is an international consulting firm with 30 years of experience providing advisory services in transportation, infrastructure and logistics. It offers a high level of vertical specialisation across modes of transport, covering aviation, maritime transport (port, shipping lines), railways and roads. ALG is the transportation consulting brand of Indra, one of the most cutting-edge ICT organisations worldwide and a leading player in transportation and defense. 


Location: United Kingdom
Type of business: Planning & Construction
E: info@jacobs.com
W: www.jacobs.com 

At Jacobs, we’re challenging today to reinvent tomorrow by solving the world’s most critical problems for thriving cities, resilient environments, mission-critical outcomes, operational advancement, scientific discovery and cutting-edge manufacturing, turning abstract ideas into realities that transform the world for good. With $13 billion in revenue and a talent force of more than 55,000, Jacobs provides a full spectrum of professional services including consulting, technical, scientific and project delivery for the government and private sector.


Location: Finland
Type of business: Equipment
E: calinmihai.hera@kone.com
W: www.kone-major-projects.com

KONE is an innovative leader in the elevator and escalator industry. Experience is everything in airports, so designing and maintaining a people flow experience that is precisely tailored to the needs of each individual location is critical. Above all else, the number one priority is to make sure people can move easily, safely and efficiently from kerb to gate, around the clock. KONE solutions can be seen in action in some of the world’s busiest and most well-known airports – such as Atlanta (ATL), Heathrow (LHR) and Beijing (PEK) – as well as in fast-growing ambitious hubs such as Muscat (MCT).

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