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World Business Partners that have helped make ACI Asia-Pacific a success offer their thoughts on the anniversary.

Some of ACI Asia-Pacific’s biggest supporters pay their own personal tributes to the Regional Office.

SITA’s vice president, Catherine Mayer, said: “The coming together of airport and World Business Partner (WBP) members from throughout the Pacific and Asia regions has brought a unique opportunity to leverage members’ diverse strengths, dynamic growth, and outstanding service. 

“From the creation of the new organisation through today and into the future, SITA is proud to celebrate with you, enjoying true benefits including access to a much broader group of airports and partner leaders, opportunities to strategise, educate and share ideas, and network through committee meetings, conferences and other events.   

“We look forward to another productive 10 years ensuring our industry remains safe, secure, offering best in class services to all customers.”

While Arconas Solutions’ vice president and regional administrator for ACI Pacific between 1994-1998, Lynn Gordon, noted: “It is remarkable that 10 years have already passed since the historic unification of the Pacific and Asian regions of ACI took place. 

“The unification idea first took flight as an idea discussed between the two Regional Boards back in the mid-nineties. Co-operation between the two regions was always present and Asian members were enthusiastically welcomed at Pacific meetings and vice-versa. It was exciting to see the merger finally become a reality. Congratulations to ACI Asia-Pacific on this milestone anniversary!”

Meanwhile, Airbiz managing director, Greg Fordham, chair of the ACI WBP Advisory Board and another permanent fixture at ACI Asia-Pacific confereneces, offered: “As an older member of the industry I have fond memories of the much smaller ACI Pacific gatherings at various exotic locations around the Pacific. However, it has been fantastic to watch the dramatic transformation into a large, strong and unified Asia and Pacific Region providing valuable services to the membership. 

“In particular, recognition must be made of the strong leadership demonstrated by Max Moore-Wilton as the inaugural president, admirably followed by Tan Sri Bashir and now continued by Dennis Chant. This has been supported by an extremely efficient Regional Office team led by Maggie Kwok for five years and now striding forward under the direction of Patti Chau. 

“I was privileged to serve as the World Business Partner representative on the Regional Board for eight years and assist in growing the WBP membership and developing the programme of activities and services. 

“I look forward to continued involvement with ACI APAC as its airport members experience even more dramatic growth and development over the coming years.”

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