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Interstate flight restrictions begin to lift at Canberra Airport


Canberra Airport has announced that passengers are now able to fly without restrictions to Sydney and Melbourne.

Head of aviation, Michael Thomson, said that his gateway is open for business, and passengers are safe and secure to fly to and from Melbourne and Sydney for business and leisure.

“We are very excited people can now fly without restrictions between these state capitals and we look forward to the airlines increasing the number of flights they have on offer in the coming weeks,” he enthused.

“We are maintaining our high levels of hygiene at the airport, social distancing, sanitiser stations, touchless entry to the carparks and terminal, and of course our temperature screening at security.

“Travel to Brisbane is also permitted from Canberra Airport if you obtain permission from the Queensland Government, and we hope to be able to open up travel to and from South Australia and Tasmania in the near future.”

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