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Hong Kong International Airport today launched its annual four-month long arts and entertainent festival which is designed to surprise and delight passengers  during one of its busiest times of the year. 

According to operator, Airport Authority Hong Kong (AAHK), passengers will be presented with “a vivid journey into local culture” during the four-month festival. 

It is the fifth consecutive year that AAHK has held the festival.


As usual, AAHK is collaborating with a number of organisations and local artists to showcase a variety of performances and exhibitions.

For this year’s event, these will incorporate everything from pop, classical and jazz music, Cantonese Opera, a cappella, comics, photography, metal rolling and shutter painting to the visual arts.

Speaking at the opening ceremony, AAHK CEO, Fred Lam, enthused: “In the past few years, with the full support and assistance from different sectors of the community, HKIA has become a platform for promoting local culture and art.

“The performances and exhibitions have also been well received by travellers and local citizens.

“The airport handles over 200,000 travellers from around the world with different cultural backgrounds every day, making it a perfect venue for travellers to experience and enjoy Hong Kong’s unique cultural landscape.”

This year’s bill includes local jazz musician Teriver Cheung will team up with Ensemble Transience, featuring legendary Hong Kong jazz pianist Ted Lo.


Others include saxophone ensemble La Sax, and two a cappella groups from the Hong Kong Federation of Youth Groups (HKFYG), Groundbreaker and Passinger, who will be making their debut performances at the airport during the festival.   

Another event highlight is an exhibition by the Hong Kong Museum of Arts (HKMoA), celebrating the HKMoA’s reopening this November after a three-year renovation and expansion programme.

The exhibition presents the four core collections of the museum, namely ‘Chinese Antiquities’, ‘Chinese Painting and Calligraphy’, ‘China Trade Art’, and ‘Modern and Hong Kong Art’.

Ink paintings by Wu Guanzhong and Wucius Wong will also be displayed at the exhibition.


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