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Got the power: New renewable energy deal for Brisbane Airport


Brisbane Airport Corporation (BAC) has entered into an historic six-year agreement to secure power that is linked to renewable energy from Queensland’s Clarke Creek Wind Farm & Blue Grass Solar projects as part of its commitment to be net zero for scope 1 and 2 emissions by 2025.

BAC is the first customer to sign onto Stanwell Corporation’s renewable energy pipeline, which will supply up to 185 GWh of power each year.

CEO Gert-Jan de Graaff hailed the landmark announcement, which supports BAC’s dramatically accelerated sustainability target, stating that the deal “delivers on Brisbane Airport Corporation’s commitment to be a sustainable world leading airport city”.

He noted: “Queenslanders can travel through our terminals knowing their journey begins and ends at one of the world’s most sustainable airports once this energy begins flowing from regional Queensland.

“There are half a million businesses in Queensland. I’m proud that Brisbane Airport Corporation is customer number one for Stanwell’s renewable energy pipeline.”

The energy that is linked to Stanwell’s renewable energy projects will power operations at Brisbane Airport, from the runway lights through to the terminals. It will also recharge Brisbane Airport’s fleet of electric buses, cars, Australia’s only electric aircraft refuelling truck and even electric lawn mowers.

BAC is already producing solar energy from its six-megawatt renewable energy system which harnesses energy from 18,000 panels installed across the airport. This number is set to rise with the addition of another five-megawatts of solar capacity on site.

“But this is just the beginning,” stated de Graaff. “Soon we will transition the rest of our fleet vehicles to electric and continue to look at new opportunities to decrease our carbon emissions and that includes researching the development of an on-site blue carbon removal project within our 285-hectare biodiversity zone.”

BAC is a unique power customer in that it operates its own electricity distribution network across Brisbane Airport, supplying more than 500 businesses with power.


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