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BAC welcomes government’s initiative to boost international visitors


Brisbane Airport Corporation (BAC) has warmly welcomed Prime Minister Scott Morrison’s A$60 million boost to attract international visitors back to Australia, noting that every international aircraft arriving in Brisbane brings up to A$1 million worth of economic activity for the country.

This funding boost, it states, will encourage travellers to ‘bring back the bucket list’ and add Queensland to their international itineraries.

“At Brisbane Airport we know how hard the pandemic hit the tourism and hospitality industries, and central to our economic and social recovery is building back the international tourism market,” says a statement from BAC.

“Around 75% of all Queensland’s international arrivals fly into Brisbane Airport, with many travelling on to places such as the Gold Coast, Sunshine Coast, Bundaberg, the Whitsundays, and Cairns.

“Nothing beats a trip to Australia, especially when Queensland is on the itinerary. Our unique experiences including the reef, rainforest and outback are unmatched anywhere on the planet.”

It argues that the government’s commitment will help Tourism Australia “do what they do better than anyone – letting travellers know that Australia is the best place for them to travel right now.”

BAC adds that it stands ready to work closely too with Tourism Tropical North Queensland to help bring international tourists to their region through our unparalleled intrastate network.

“International travel is good for jobs and economy, and reconnecting family and friends,” the statement concludes.

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