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General News Last modified on January 8, 2020

New technology to boost Yangon's operational efficiency

Myanmar's Yangon International Airport has turned to technology in a bid to boost its operational efficiency and passenger handling capability.

The airport has introduced SITA’s Airport Management solution, which enables the gateweay and its stakeholders, including airlines and ground handlers, to collaborate around the same real-time information and make fully-informed decisions on resources.

According to SITA, the Airport Operational Control Centre (AOCC) solution embraces a combination of platform services, applications and professional services.


These include its Airport Management System, Airport Master Systems Integration, Airport System Pulse and Airport Hub, all of which combine to help Yangon International Airport create operational models and standard operating procedures.

“Yangon Airport sets the benchmark among high-performance airports in the constant pursuit of excellence in infrastructure, organisation, and effective operational management, with the objectives of providing safe, secure and efficient daily operations while offering a premium passenger experience," says Yangon Aerodrome Company Limited’s chief operating officer, Jose Angeja.

"The AOCC deployment has enabled us to achieve our transformation goals, and we recognize SITA as a key player and partner in that process.” 

SITA’s AOCC solution is deployed at more than 10 airports around the world.

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