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General News Last modified on April 18, 2018

Hyderabad's cargo terminal awarded WHO's good storage and distribution certificate

GMR Hyderabad International Airport Ltd. (GHIAL) has announced that its cargo terminal has been certified with the World Health Organisation’s Good Storage and Distribution Practices (WHO-GSDP).

Awarded by SGS India, a leader in certifications in pharmaceutical sector, the WHO-GSDP certificate underscores Hyderabad Airport’s commitment to and compliance with Quality management standards and International requirements throughout the pharma supply chain.

Hyderabad Airport Cargo Terminal received this certification following a six–month long rigorous evaluation process, during which a team of SGS India auditors analysed its transportation, handling and storage processes, quality policies, facility management, equipment maintenance and security.

SGK Kishore, CEO, GHIAL, says: “As a company, which is committed to ensuring end-to-end product safety and its integrity, we are proud to achieve WHO-GSDP certification.

"Our rigorous quality standards, specialty logistics expertise and meticulous execution, enable us to meet the demands of the Pharma City and optimize the supply chain for our customers globally.”

In 2010, Hyderabad International Airport introduced India’s first Airport-based dedicated Pharmaceutical handling facility (Pharma Zone), to handle the export of pharmaceutical products.

GHIAL claims that this set the benchmark for dedicated temperature-controlled cargo handling facilities, influencing other airports in India.

Pharma products now account for 60% of all cargo exports rom the airport.

Hyderabad Airport Cargo Terminal has also inducted a large tunnel X-Ray to facilitate the screening of Shipper Built Units.