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General News Last modified on August 31, 2017

Sydney Airport revamps its official lookout for plane spotters

Sydney Airport officially opened the upgraded Shep’s Mound plane spotters’ lookout today, honouring the memory of aviation enthusiast Bruce Shepherd.

The airport's managing director and CEO, Kerrie Mather, said the upgraded lookout recognised the importance of the growing community of aviation enthusiasts that frequently use the site.

“Aviation captures the hearts and minds of many of us and we’re proud to be home to a very active plane spotting community,” she enthused.

“With about 345,000 aircraft movements per year, our plane spotters have the chance to see an impressive range of aircraft fly in from around Australia and the world.

“We’re delighted to provide an improved space for our plane spotting community and honoured to recognise Shep’s legacy.”

Shep was an aviation enthusiast with strong links to the local community, starting the YSSY online forum for Sydney Airport plane spotters.

Known for his entertaining stories and generous spirit, he regularly met international visitors to show them the best plane spotting locations in Sydney.

The site has been known as Shep’s Mound since his death in 2005 and is a favourite location for the many plane spotters that visit Sydney Airport.

Shep’s Mound features two raised platforms overlooking the airfield, expansive grassed areas, undercover shelter and dedicated car parking.

The project forms part of Sydney Airport’s commitment to fostering a strong and enduring relationship with the local community.

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