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General News Last modified on February 23, 2017

Hong Kong cargo handler becomes first at airport to receive pharma handling certification

Hactl has has become the first cargo handler at Hong Kong International Airport to obtain IATA CEIV Pharma certification.

Hong Kong Air Cargo Terminals Limited (Hactl) claims that its certification is the result of an initiative sponsored by Hong Kong Airport Authority, in which all relevant industry players at the airport will undergo validation for the IATA CEIV Pharma standard.  

IATA CEIV Pharma represents a co-ordinated effort to ensure competency, as well as operational and technical readiness, for the storage and transportation of pharmaceuticals by air.

It is designed to help the industry further develop a network of certified pharmaceutical trade lanes that meet consistent cold-chain management standards and assure product integrity.

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Hactl’s accreditation follows an extensive independent assessment and validation, involving detailed inspections, and personal interviews with managers and supervisors at all levels within Hactl.

The assessment and validation covered the company’s quality management system and procedures, personnel, training, documentation, infrastructure and equipment, quarantine procedures, sub-contractor management, self-inspection procedures, transportation and operations.

All were found to be fully compliant, with no non-conformances.

Indeed, the validation report praised Hactl’s preparations for the audit process, the helpful attitudes of its staff, and its total cooperation.

“I congratulate Hactl on being the first to receive CEIV certification in Hong Kong," says IATA’s general manager for Hong Kong and Macau, Yvonne Ho.

"In doing so, Hactl has achieved an internationally recognized standard for pharmaceutical handling.”

Mark Whitehead, chief executive of Hactl, concludes: “We applaud the Airport Authority’s initiative in sponsoring this drive to adopt IATA CEIV Pharma in Hong Kong. 

"It’s an excellent example of what can be achieved through collaboration, and will benefit the entire airport cargo community and its customers.”

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