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Ten and counting!

Heads of trade associations and industry organisations across the region congratulate ACI Asia-Pacific on its 10th anniversary.

The International Civil Aviation Organization Asia and Pacific Regional Office considers Airports Council International as an important partner in the global civil aviation community.  It also acknowledges the significant contribution of ACI to International Civil Aviation to promote professional excellence in airport management and for striving to set high standards of safety, security and environmentally compatible and efficient air transport system.

Congratulations to ACI on its 10th anniversary of the unification of the Asia and Pacific regions and wishing all success in your future endeavours.

Arun Mishra, regional director, ICAO, Asia and Pacific Office



Globally, more than three billion passengers fly annually. Of these, Asia Pacific Airlines currently carry over one billion passengers a year, and this market is expected to increase up to threefold over the next two decades. In addition to significant investments in expanding aircraft fleets, major investments will also be needed in associated aviation infrastructure, including airports and air navigation services, to keep pace with this expected growth in demand for air travel. Airports in the Asia-Pacific region are already well-known for being leaders in global connectivity and quality of customer service, and are well-placed to meet this demand.

I offer my warmest congratulations to ACI Asia-Pacific on the occasion of their 10th anniversary, and look forward to many more years of success and partnership in promoting the growth and sustainable development of the region’s aviation industry. 

Andrew Herdman, director general, Association of Asia Pacific Airlines



The vast and rapid growth of the tourism sector, especially in the Asia Pacific region, presents great challenges for the travel and tourism industry, and through partnerships with the public and private sectors as well as other industry colleagues can we hope to tackle the many issues ahead of us. It is always important to be reminded that the interconnected and interdependent Compete Visitor Economy delivers cross-cultural understanding and poverty alleviation through cost-effective job creation. 

Therefore it is important for organisations such as ours to recognise and celebrate our achievements. Therefore, it gives me great pleasure to congratulate ACI on the many successes it has accomplished over the past 10 years.

At PATA, we look forward to further engaging and supporting ACI and its many activities in the future.

Mario Hardy, chief executive officer, Pacific Asia Travel Association

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