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Last modified on March 21, 2016

Online Opportunities

Asia-Pacific Airports (APA) website will contain daily news plus all the articles from the magazine as well as ACI event reports and stories relevant to the region.

There is a coice of banner placements on the site which can be animated and link directly to your over website.


Please provide both website and newsletter sized banners, for all online advertisements.
Full banner Height x Width (pixels)

468 x 60

Square banner Height x Width (pixels)

300 x 250

We do not accept Flash files for online banners, the banners for the website should be in jpg or gif format - if they are an animated gif, the animation should last no longer than 10 seconds or it will be chopped off by the script.

The banner itself should be 72dpi. Max size 100kb.

When you send the banner you should also provide us with a url (web address) for the banner to link to.

We do not accept Flash files for online banners. 
Full banner
Height x Width (pixels)
600 x 77

For banners on eflyers not all email programmes can display rotating banners so your key message should be on the initial image.

If you have any further questions please do not hesitate to contact Mark Draper on 

Please ensure that you supply the url or email address you would like your advert linked to for the online edition.

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