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About the Mag

What is Asia-Pacific Airports? 

The magazine will act as a key communication tool for ACI Asia-Pacific and provide a forum for airport related news, views and features.

It will also provide a vehicle for airports to promote and market themselves, and a direct route for suppliers of products and services.

Each issue contains exclusive interviews with airport CEOs, takes a closer look at infrastructure development across the region and showcases customer service, environmental and retail innovation.

  • Other issues covered on a regular basis include:
  • Marketing and communications
  • Safety & Security 
  • New revenue streams 
  • Retail/F&B development 
  • IT 
  • Passenger services
  • Baggage handling 
  • Land development 
  • Safety 
  • Airport ownership 
  • Planning & design and much more!

ACI Asia-Pacific Airports is published by Aviation Media and is the Official publication of ACI Asia-Pacific.

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